Serving As Your Competitive Advantage Since 1896

BICO Products When You Want Quality, You Want BICO Steel

While we're proud to offer an extensive portfolio of steel grades, we place an emphasis on providing our customers with higher quality products and services across the board. It's not just talk - it's an established reputation we've been molding since 1896.

Did You Know?
  • We can provide any type of product regardless of the end-use application. Go ahead, try us.
  • We're committed to understanding your project goals and have the experience to guide you to the best steel for your needs.
  • Each of our locations has a semi-truck and Ford F-550. If needed, we can bring your product to you.
BICO Processes Get The Tolerance And Finish You Need

For over 100 years, BICO Steel Service Centers has been a complete, single-source steel plate processor, providing timely solutions for an infinite variety of needs. Our unmatched equipment and facilities mean we’re ready – right now – to supply the steel plate you need at the precise specifications you require.

Did You Know?
  • We're the only company that can offer both steel plate and forged block processing.
  • With two facilities totaling over 150,000 sq. ft., we're capable of meeting any challenge.
  • Our extensive suite of processes eliminates additional logistical issues. We ensure you'll never have to sacrifice quality for speed.
Our Family Is Growing Integrity Fab & Machine Is Now A Part Of BICO Steel

We're proud to welcome Integrity Fab & Machine, Inc. into the BICO Steel fold. Their expertise in die sets, custom fabrications, machined plates, and parallels allows us to offer a higher level of value-added processing than ever before. Check out their website and feel free to reach out to us through your normal BICO channels for more information!

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