Eyebolt Drilling

What Is Eyebolt Drilling?

Eyebolt drilling is the process of drilling holes into a steel plate so it can be lifted and moved easily by heavy machinery. These holes are also referred to as “handling holes.”

How It Works

Properly positioning eyebolts and handling holes is an essential aspect of custom steel processing. Even when providing designs produced using computer software, it’s important to consider how the fabrication process impacts performance.

Placing a hole too close to a workpiece’s edge or bend radius can affect its durability, appearance and function. Proper hole positioning helps ensure a smooth fabrication process and a final product that performs as expected.

BICO Steel’s Eyebolt Drilling Services

BICO Steel has a considerable amount of experience managing precise hole positioning and drilling. We’ll make sure your processed piece exactly matches your design while considering its functional intentions.

Drilling eyebolts is just one of the many processes we offer in-house. Contact our qualified team for a free, no-obligation consultation and learn about the many benefits you’ll experience working with the only company that can provide both steel plate and forged block processing.

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